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my tribe in 1969

My Tribe in 1969

Whatever your beliefs were in 1969, whatever your beliefs are today; my beliefs are mine!  I own them! They belong to me.  I have earned them.  In an enviroment of freedom our beliefs are equal.   If you do not believe this then stop reading.

  I believe that is going to happen.  

A a fragment of the divine, we do not fall on equal ground.  Our formative experiences are not the same; they are the epigentics of who we become and what we want to do.  What appeard to be a negative or positive experience may later accelerate a person through a stage of personal growth, if you are in such a stage of growth, then you should keep reading...

What is theFlux?  In 25 words or less it's Democracy, Healcare and Education Level Two.  theFlux is a vision.  theFlux capacitor the means of taking the quatum leap required to reach that vision.

Here is what I want:

Democracy Level Two  

Healthcare Level Two

Education Level Two