Pranayama Breathing

When I first watched the demonstration I thought that Wow! I have never done that! I should do that.

then monkey brain came over and said

  1. Hey, didn't you swim 8 km per week for years? What did you think you were doing?

  2. Didn't you have a Fucking Heart Attack swimming intervals? Trying to lose weight?

  3. Didn't you drive yourself to the hospital, like a fucking moron?

    1. To this day you have to look up Royal Jubilee in order to spell hospital

  4. That's why you ended up taking 80 mg of Lipitor you pinhead

  5. That's why you lost your Sovereignty! Jesus fricking Christ!

Wait is he going to die laughing? Ego "I hope not, would you shut up now"?

Ego Don't mind him. It is great breathwork especially if you count lap strokes like unity, duality, trinity, , senses ...

Concentration Meditation monitoring your breath

This is my favorite nightly ritual that starts by turning off my electronics, turning off the lights, sitting in a comfortable position and then just watching the four parts of each breath without intention. Without trying to control my breath. Allowing myself to slow down, always returning to my breath. sometimes considering events but then returning to my breath, just watching like the ocean rolling over and over itself. You'll be surprised at how often your breath changes. Changing on it's own accord

Inquiry - journaling

A great deal of my past online journaling related to my loss of Sovereignty/Personal Dominion due to a prescribed medication and the extended physical torture due to ignorance. My extreme anger. there is nothing wrong with righteous anger nor with attempts to prevent harm being done to others as long as you are riding the horse. But once you let the horse ride, it's very hard to get him back off. I have taken it down but at some point parts will reappear under the heart of darkness.

18 breaths

The instructions can be found in the Second Volume of The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life. Basically mudras, spherical breathing and Merkabah. This was my daily meditation for many years. I plagiarized many of my art pieces based on the many drawings in these volumes.

opening the illuminated heart

18 breaths prepared me for this heart meditation. Ken Wilber says that long term meditation can take you through two stages, but I have never heard him say that they were going to be easy.

  • enter your heart

  • say let there be light

  • while sitting in the enter of your heart focus your attention to the your pineal gland, physically moving your closed eyes

  • project light to your pineal gland and from the center of your heart direct your vision to the pineal turn 90* towards your forehead and 'look' for a green dot and then look through the green dot and through your pituitary gland

The way of Life in the Fifth Dimension