The Icarus Flyby

You have one or more tumors in the same lung. Your cancer has spread to lymph nodes above your collarbone or to lymph nodes on the opposite side of your chest. The cancer may be in the chest wall, heart, breastbone, and other nearby tissues but hasn't spread to distant organs.  We think. 

Lately I have been dreaming of floating in a pool of water under The Great Pyramid of Giza.   I've been thinking about the Tibetan Book of the Dead. the Bardo Thodol,  and the experiences that consciousness has after death. 

Specifically what do I want to do after the lights go out.  Is the great liberation from the earthly realm what I want?  Or, like Sisyphus, am I dying so that I can push that rock back up the hill yet one more time?  

I know what I did after I finished 6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy for stage III lung cancer I bought a OneFinity CNC. 

The Frankenstein Bench

While planning for the arrival of this upgrade, I found a community of builders helping each other explore the potential of this technological  extension of the creative process of physical manifestation, I briefly said hello and begin the process of building the Frankenstein Bench .

In order to bring about a transformation in the field, energy and information must be exchanged.