the Tao 

can not be told

I don’t see any rocks in the water! Let’s jump off! - Icarus OneEye Flyby

I don’t listen to my wife.  I don’t hear what she says, but just like meditation changes your state of consciousness over time, you may not think that you listen, you may not think that you hear, but you still get the message.  It just takes time.

So less than five months after the retina in my right eye detached, my wife and I began the lung cancer journey with a 10% chance of a cure from radiation five days a week and chemotherapy once a week for six weeks.

I barely made it through the last week.  They say that it takes two months of recovery for every month of treatment.  It does continue to get worst for several weeks after your last treatment.  When I got home, I stopped thinking about cancer and everything that I had been through by spending a lot of money buying a large distraction. I purchased a Journeyman OneFinity CNC. 

Where was this machine going to go?  There was no room in the garage now!   So I tore apart every bench in the garage and built a new bench out of the parts. 

the CNC bench that Icarus built

It has now been a month since my last treatment and next week I am scheduled to go in for more bloodwork and a scan to see if the treatment has had any effect.  I had forgotten all about the date of the exam. My wife remembered.  She does all my worrying for me.  

She is away next week and will not be here has made me promise not to look up my results online until she gets home.  

Shouldn’t be a problem, next week I am going to try and wire up my spindle.  The spindle requires some difficult soldering and I’ve just had cataract surgery on my left eye which pretty much destroyed my close-range vision.  My wife had told me that that would happen, many times in fact, but I just didn’t listen.  But then after a bit of time, 

‘Hey Presto’! 

 Suddenly, you get the message!

 I put the arms on the bench this morning.  I routed a large radius that I find comfortable on the ends and side retaining the original outer edges. As I was doing so, I noticed the strip of hardwood that I had uncovered.  It took me a moment to make sense of what I was seeing and to remember why that strip was in a bench plank.  At the time my joinery was so casual that an insert was the only way to maintain any pride in the end product.  That bench plank had been around for a while. 

And that reminded me of all the time, all the personal changes that had taken place while that bench plank transformed into its current condition.  There suddenly revealed and presented to me in that clear line of wood, as a gift. 

the Tao that can be told is not
the Eternal Tao

Icarus Flyby 6/4/22