Born Again

imagine that you are in the birth canal and that your head has just crowned, whatever has happened up until this moment, nothing has prepared you for what is about to come as your mother pushes you out of the nest that has never failed to support you and suddenly you are on your own, but at the same time you are embedded into noise confusion temperature and petabytes of sensorily input that you have no capacity to process. You are shaken and beaten into the first awareness that nothing will ever be the same again.

not all awakenings are the same. there is no equality. we do not all fall on the same ground. we all grow differently. as a result of where we land our lives are a potential multiverse of choices that we have the resources to make in the face of day to day challenges. the mystery, the random number is what we make of it all, what our intentions are in any given moment and what they become when faced with the hard structure of reality; say lung cancer

suddenly your life has ended. nothing will ever be the same. But if the river has brought you to similar bends then you may know what to expect, allowing your past experiences to guide you through the rapids of the moment your intention as your rudder. In short, your bucket list does a bubble sort.

There are many improvements I should make in my life. There are many places I would like to go. there are many sensations that I would like to experience, but what is at the top of my bucket list is a global democracy, what I call