You can't get there from here
Three wise men and one flyby on Sensemaking

Wilber, Vervaeke, Schmachtenberger 

Wilber: There are different Stages of Growth and Development AND different levels of awakening.

Vervaeke: You cannot lie to yourself, but you can bullshit yourself by the focus of your attention.

Schmachtenberger: At 3:30 am; it’s a fucking mess.

Flyby: All people are not created equal.  We do not enjoy equal opportunities. Our growth in life begins on the ground in which we are planted.  If our seed falls in the valley, we can only see so far, if it falls on the mountain top, there the soil is poor and we can only grow so much.

Those who are looking for a win-win scenario can not compete with those opposed to any solution offered.  It’s a linear response to an exponential threat. 

In society, change occurs at the boundaries.  Inside change solely depends on you.  Inside you are the pilot.  To fly the airplane you have to focus on the “truth of you”.

That’s where you have to start, inside where the truth of you resides.

Know That Truth! 
Accept That Truth!

Take three deep breaths,
enter your heart and
say to yourself 

and iGod said 

"let there be light” 

Focus on a vision of the world you want to live in

Nurture the belief that you can live there

Take a single step onto the path that leads there

If you surrender to the way you will go into flow

Life will test you and you may fail

but life is already testing you or you would not be here.


Icarus Forest Gump Flyby