March 9th, 2023

Hello Ken!

I am currently listening to Kosmic Consciousness for perhaps the third time.  It's not that I do not understand all the terms and words that you are using, I do but one at a time and I find myself testing each term against my personal experiences.   My thoughts wander off,  I go to work on my own projects and basically forget where I left off,  so I start over sampling the various courses of the meal as a glutton.  god is a iron.   

I hope this finds you in good health, but that's one thing we have in common.  

This time I have reached Chapter Seven however, what I keep getting back to is how I had so many of the experiences that you refer to, when it was not really my intention of doing so.  It's not that I did not follow a ecology of practice's all my life; it's not that the path that I followed was easy; it's not that I was not influenced by forerunners in spiritual growth and development... it's that, I wasn't really trying to get to the state that I find myself, nevertheless I AM HERE and however that happened, it means something.  

I'm a snowflake, in a glacier!  

When I consider my own path and the situation that I find myself in, I can't help but wonder if there is something special that I should do; you know, John Baptiste sort of stuff,  Christ consciousness. While it does not really matter, it really matters. So I try and make the best use of my time; knowing that I am caught in the river flowing out of the glacier.  

My current WIP is

I am planning to have a 3D Breath meditation on the porch this summer.  Who knows?  Perhaps I will see you.

Icarus 3D Breath Flyby

Chapter 9

The question of war is would you fight in a given war?  If you attack me or my family then I will defend myself.  If you threaten to kill me or my family, and I believe you,  then if I get the chance then I will kill you first and without warning.  I would probably pay a horrible price.  I won the selective service lottery.   I had a high number.  I marched in Washington DC against the war.   For a time, I thought that we had won, but then I realized that they just stopped showing us what they were doing.