3D Breath 

(i) do not follow the Tao. (i) do not go with the flow.  (i) do not seek out the way.

(i) am the Tao.   (i) am the flow.  (i) am the way.  

There is no other (I)mage that (i) am a reflection of.

(i) only have my self to touch.  (i) only have my self to love.  (i)(i)

(i)(i) test my self to feel.  (i)(i) feel my self to grow. (i)(i)(i)(i)

What is this self?  (i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)

Well that is (I).  

That is what (i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i)(i) am.

Icarus Zenerick Coda Flyby