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You are biochemical machine. Pond Scum. You are a Holon, unique as a individual but at the same time a member of a complex adaptive species suddenly emergent on a rock spiraling around a luminous spheroid of plasma moving at 300,000 kilometers per second in a great circle that is over 106,000 light years in diameter. What is a light year? The distance light travels in a year: 9.46 trillion kilometers. It takes 230 million years to complete one rotation of that great circle. One Cosmic Year!

We are going to run out of gas! Icarus Exon Mobile Flyby

Executive Summary

I follow the Tao. About 10 years ago, 4.34782609e-8 cosmic years, I decided to change the world, because of Rule 303.

I have the means and authority to do so.

As a species, we are on a journey over which we have absolutely no control, nevertheless there are crossroads, there are choices. In terms of the cosmic year, these choices appear to happen in a nanosecond: but they are woven into the tapestry of life and the history of our planet; the biosphere that we all inhabit.

While the choices that we make as individuals ultimately and unavoidably lead to the single future that every living thing shares: Mortem. As a species, the choices we make matter and there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.


If my neighbor becomes ill, then I will sicken.

theTotalPane is a study of manifestation within this realm. A realm of frequency, vibration and a steel plate.

Suddenly emergent indeed! For example

Our social history goes back not much more than 12,000 years ago, 4.34588 cosmic years because there was a big rock from the sky and a great flood all around the world! But our geological history has been defined going back billions of years: Rocks don't lie because they are rocks. Lying around not lying! So to speak.

8.69565217e-7 cosmic or 200 years ago, there were one (1,000,000,000) billion of us and on average we lived 30 to 40 years, because 60% of us died before the age of five; today there are eight (8,000,000,000) billion of us and on average we live between 60 and 100 years. That sounds pretty fucking good from the perspective of social-economic; cultural and health perspectives of an invasive species looking to justify their metaphysical impact on the chasos of reality.

But it also looks like someone went on vacation and left a petri dish out. Meanwhile: The temperature and oceans are rising and the heartbeat of our biosphere, a complex system where everything is connected with everything else; is beating faster.

Do you think that a cauliflower wants to look like that?
Icarus golden spiral Flyby

What's going on?

What can I do about it?

Every morning, we automatically process three questions: Where am I?; What is going on?; and What can I do about it? Missing the salient question

Who's Asking? altogether because as a species, we have honed this process over eons of ice ages and Rocks from Mars. We have etched these questions into our genetic code! We learn through osmosis in childhood; and, as the waters rise we hold our own children up over our heads and throw them to safety crying out! "We are the Coods!".

And as a result, every morning, we already know who we are. We know because for generations our ancestors held us up over their head and said:

Give me a child before the age of reason
and he will be mine for the rest of his life.

For most of us it's groundhog day.

How's that working for you?

To calculate the circumference of a circle, multiply the diameter of the circle by π (pi=3.14)

Pop-Quiz summarize the following from the Flyby Series

  1. the life altering event

  2. the dark hour before the dawn

  3. the choice at the crossroads

  4. the answer to Who's Asking?

1883: Nikola Tesla invented the "Tesla coil" a transformer that changed electricity from low voltage to high voltage, making it easier to transport over long distances.

1884: Nikola Tesla invented the electric alternator for producing alternating current (AC). Until this time, electricity had been generated using direct current (DC) from batteries.

1888: Nikola Tesla demonstrated the first polyphase alternating current (AC) electrical system.

god said

let there be light!

today 2021

  • Sacred Geometry is the base map that we have developed defining the structure of the steel plate

  • there is a female polar 360* object the egg/circle/sphere object that defines volume and space

  • there is a male node and vector wireframe object the tetrahedron defining a 3D nested platonic holographic universe

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Best part of this video is when he picksup the monkey tree branch... at 15:18 - the guy sounds like a prick and I don't understand why

What is his problem? At the least, math is a lot of fun? But not from him! What is he trying to prove or say? By 20:19 I just don't care anymore, but perhaps that is because I work with this pattern in my art and have done so for many years. As a matter of fact around a campfire in Utah in 2009, someone asked me why it is called Sacred Geometry? That`s because nature uses it as the best reflection of pure math, pure spirit to build physical form. Pretty cool unless you do not believe in spirit / which would be pretty weird for a mathematician dealing in infinite and irrational concepts. The people mentioned were mystics using mathematics to understand the universe. I am a mystic who does not know the difference between Sin and Cosine, so I'll force myself to listen until the end before closing --- NONE of the PLANTS on his table escaped human modification >> you think that a cauliflower wants to look like that?

Kwisatz Haderach

The alchemests

sacred marriage

Circling the square