and a steel plate

If you are physical. You are a hero. We are hero's. We are on a journey. There are crossroads. There are choices.

There is no free lunch.

theTotalPane considers three events we all experience in the hero's journey

  1. the unexpected event; the rock from mars

  2. the life-altering event; the heart of darkness

  3. and the choice: the door into summer, the quantum leap into physical manifestation at a higher lever

these events do not happen in an instant but weave the tapestry of life. theTotalPane is a study of manifestation within the structure of sacred geometry and the vibrations of sacred sounds. A study from both the female perspective of curved lines and the male perspective of straight lines. In other words, art. Art as a commentary on the steel plate of manifestation. Reality.

Every morning, whether we know it or not, we automatically process three questions. Where am I?; What is going on?; and What can I do about it?

As a species, we have honed this process over eons of ice ages and Rocks from Mars. We have etched these questions into our genetic code! We learn through osmosis in childhood; and, as the waters rise we hold our own children up over our heads and throw them to safety crying out! "We are the Coods!".

And as a result, every morning, we already know who we are. We know because generations have held us up over their head and said:

Give me a child before the age of reason and he will be mine for the rest of his life.

For most of us it's groundhog day.

How's that working for you?

Where am I?

the rock from mars

What's going on?

the heart of darkness

What can I do?

the door into summer

The three questions are not the prerequisite to thetotalpane, they are simply the story that leads to the 3Deep Breaths between growth and awakening: on a out of control rock, in a high state of division and a choice to be made.